Study Urges Doctors in Canada to Receive Addiction Medicine Training

Drug addiction and dependency are major problems in many parts of the world, but a new study published in theJournal of Addiction Medicine indicates that doctors in Canada need extra training to deal with their patients’ chronic addiction issues. The study, which was conducted by the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, highlights the need for doctors to receive targeted drug addiction treatment training.

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The study acknowledges the challenges medical professionals face when presented with cases of drug addiction. Physicians and researchers are still working to identify the variables that lead to drug addiction, though the study showed that greater awareness of addiction as a chronic condition could help doctors provide patients with proper care. And while Canada does not offer a formal accreditation system for addiction treatment training, British Columbia boasts the largest addiction medicine training program in North America with additional training programs in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.As well as providing physicians with strategies for managing patients’ addictions, programs like the one in British Columbia help doctors identify and provide solutions for risk factors associated with addiction and dependency. In remote and rural areas, where opioid addiction is a growing social problem, doctors with addiction medicine training are in high demand. And the value of such training isn’t limited to primary care physicians. The study also indicated a need for trained nurses and social workers, as well as expanded addiction training in medical schools and continuing medical education.